Culture & Heritage

Cultural Chetna :-

Knowing the name of culture of equity floral. Chump sing play-by playing folk young, theatrical Mandalis is national and cultural drama, a variety of seminars, Hari Kirtan with continuous lasting 20 years, the sounds of the various Dhunion validating the feelings of all masses juice-soaked. Cooperation, affection, Satcary and Suwyvhar its tradition here.

People have described the statue of Lord Vishnu.

Historical Major- Mira Shah shrine

District of newborn 05 Tehsil Madhuban that 0 m 0 far north of the shrine town of Madhuban-dohrighat route is a shrine. Here the head of every person to reach tilts with reverence. Here people are Sraddhant before the shrine of Syed Meera Shah, Minnte is seeking to revert back. But Syed Meera Shah, who was? It is still very little known.

The shrine and learn the shrine’s history to go back to the 10th and 11th centuries. In this context, Sheikh Vjehuddin ‘famous Persian book written by Ashraf Lknauri’ Bhrejkwar ‘enough to get some material. In accordance with the facts in the book is the Tomb of those Syed Mira Shah Dargah, Tamerlane whose blessing was ruled by chance seven generations. Not only was blessed also Mirashah emperor Sher Shah Suri of Delhi.

Full name of Mirashah is ‘Hazrat Syed Ahmad Wadpan’. He won back his seat in Kolhuavn shrine and were distinguished between people. His fame spread far and wide. Far away from the influence of the king-emperor began to become a disciple of Mirashah. According to written Kivandtion Mira Shah Hazrat Bdeuddin disciple of Qutb Madar. It is said that once these Samarkand were not in India. The way they had left eating. This thing began their teacher Qutub Madar, they were told that you go to the south, There you will find a cascade of water and get her side lush trees. A person in the shade of the trees will be awaiting your seven friends got food seven people and food of your name. You may eat in the name of God and to bless him to become king of the Kingdom of seven Puston or seven countries. Even so when Meera Shah arrived, made them food a person and Shah same given blessings. This person was Tamerlane

An Anguished by Duwryhar his stepmother in other cases Sher Shah Suri also prayed to come to the shelter of Syed Mirashah and pray your pain telling. He stood in front of Syed. India later Syed sit down at him and said. But he stood there. Twice it happened, when the third time of Sher Shah Suri not sitting then Sayed said to move some or angry. Sat rectifying the fear trembling. Then Syed Go said, your estate will return and you will become king of India. He further education Sher Shah and told him to go back. He also said that you give to your first child our service.

After becoming emperor Sher Shah of their condition completely. He built Ruje here, built the concrete wall around her. Around the wall built towers at the corners. Between a Cbutra Merry Shah. Ruja’s east side is a pond, which keeps the water drops by a fountain. This is not pond never Sukta. People say about the pond that had Syed Sahib on the homestead, twigs and there foot fountain of water which continues to this day. Hell’s people practiced the waters of Ganga named Vju, the cattle drink water and it put people Healthy dog ​​bites.

Sher Shah sent Mahbano his daughter in the service of the Mirashah. They stayed in the fort and were absorbed in worship. Am rectifying stayed there for seven weeks with his daughter. Since then I have to find a vast multitude seven Thursday last Vrihshptiwar eldest mass respectively. Here Mahbanon the tomb still exists today. On the platform sat Mirashah He is also a terrace, but Rampart has been depleted. Regional believe that Mirashah also sit on your terrace every night now. Story like The Merry King long life is prevalent. Here come the people of every class, and is seeking appeasement and linen offer. To those who come here to get a great feast and a sensation of happiness.

Baba Srudas Anathasrm :-

District Mau has always been the sages-Mahrshion, hermit-saint and sage Dharmsthli men. Here is the public service as well as saints, sages and saints of religious teachings and made his Karmabhoomi this region. District of such services in different regions. One such place Krjuli which Karmsthli Baba Sarayu slaves.

Mau-Azamgarh noted saint Baba Srudas the Krjuli approximately five kilometers from the main thoroughfare Khurht route was made a home in your practice. Human just love collaboration and presence of messages to an orphanage run by nearly a hundred years. 100 acres of Hermitage can be used in the public interest of 56 acres remaining vestiges of occupation of the locals.

Historic village Surjpur :-

Majestic culture and manor nestled created in ABO-air grand Batth historic village Surajpur the center of the discussion because of its past today. In terms of historicity to settle landlords named Suraj Mal Shah village used to be the equivalent of your diet and lifestyle of the royal households. Nor shall discuss your past creates curiosity. According to Kivandnti was the final frontier of Surajpur Ayodhya. That was in the tenth gate of Ayodhya, which Dasaratha from here Alftki ferries are called G was hit by arrow Shravan Kumar. Says Ftki ten steps from the pier away a pipal tree, which had blind parents auditory died giving cursed Dasaratha hearing disconnection.

This place in due course of time became known as Andhara pit. One kilometer away from here was an Abe-buck on the corner of the south-west. Where forest animals drank. Here Srnv have had dipped Kmndl for thirsty parents drink, that voice heard Dasaratha went arrows. Rename the Abe-buck is now known as the Abhirn. Although this location is very important Ÿ not important but largely reduced due to the failure to discuss the Kivandntiyon of villagers. Here he Tree People still exist where the blind-blind had died. Dasaratha law had further led arrow name of that place ” Sir-left ‘, but now he came to be known as Srfora. Context resort Ram Van in Ramayana stories is the result of a curse on the blind-blind and was hatched in his background Surajpur.

Do not go unnoticed historian to historical past Surajpur is because of the neglect of such cases. As was the battle of the village’s past and glorious history since independence are not contributing to the village suppression countless times Britisia people of this village and Freedom lovers had the biggest sacrifice. Where people had the Chicor hours ª not robbery had played a key role in the scandal which has Ÿ Aritw Comrade Jai Bahadur Singh. Azad Lt. Chandradev opinion of the Indian army were the same village who do brave the posts even today.

A symbol of communal harmony Diet Baba Mjar :-

Rahiman compatible Sage, As the work of a perfumer habitat. Not even perfumer, even if bass flavor ..

Devotee poet Rahim of the lines comes alive as Sufi Diet come into the presence of Baba’s Tomb. Baba Mazar all sides stretched Abamay atmosphere of peace and harmony communicates the wonderful spirit of good faith and peace to visitors. Love-love, the message of faith and peace Diet Baba’s Tomb is probably India will first have proven Mazar male remains shrine of a Hindu boy beside it. The kneels people forehead on the shrine of Hindu lad with sage and believe vows.

Almost 500 years ago, the area known as Diet Baba make your practice a home famous Sufi saint Syed Noor Muhammad almost 600 years ago by the holy city of Mecca moved with his colleagues and Hindustan roamed the dense forest and rhythm Territory Karmsthli in made where he had concluded his Ihleela.

District route about 30 kilometers martyr from headquarters where Madhuban-Belthra route is located along a short distance from there connects the east side of the main road near the sacred pond (Talrtoy) Sufi Diet Baba shrine.

Syed Noor Muhammad’s reputation was with them coming here to start distant Falni. They Ibadt the most of his time in God and the poor were put in service of the afflicted. All qualities, addictions and vengeful inflicted as Syed Noor due to completely avoidable Ÿ sectors Muhammad later gained fame as the Diet Baba. Worship and folk inscribed Tue It was in front of the two working Diet Baba. That is no longer them your care-Budhi they were crazy to the extent of their activities. Given their Mstanepan and passion while nearby people love them as crazy Baba and used to call the faith. Diet People near Baba folk thousands off welfare and their Kivandntiya that defined the divine powers around narrates hear each other with great attentiveness. Diet in their lifetimes, according to legend, Baba had never disappointed the fan coming in his court.

Still get his blessing for those arriving at Baba’s tomb, Murad sought from the heart is full. Although on the historical significance of Urs spent the second day of Eid but each Vrihshptiwar seems fair. In the days surrounding the election by the Voyager Viradri tradition of running the anchor is still intact. Baba sensation of immense peace and Unwind to pay obeisance at the shrine.

In addition Madhuban Thanantrgt grams Undura also relieves the otherworldly sufferings two famous shrine that devotees of Muslim saints. Shah Muhammad Moinuddin Rahmatullah and Shah Muhammad Mukhtar meets ghosts and curses peace to people living at the tomb of Ahmed Rahmatullah. There are a lot of people come from far away.



Mau and weaving art complement each other. Mau is standing on the footboard of flourishing and prosperity today, as its base Weaver. Sari weaving has become the hallmark of the citizens here. Weaving art has been absorbed into the culture of the ABO-air area dissolved here.

The emergence of knitting in this area was the Mughal Emperor Jahangir period. As time passed this art flourished was known as the traditional art of local minorities. Introduction of textile weaving handloom in eastern Uttar Pradesh as the Mau and slowly spread to other cities. It started in the MAU is considered the 16th century. It was here produced very fine fabric looms the weaver named Tansen. Slowly learned the skills of others and today it is on the home industry. Muslim families near the city or surrounding hardly any house in which there was not modern power loom. The city is estimated there are approximately 85 thousand on the loom. Also Kopaganj, Adri, be merged Puragat, Ghosi, Madhuban, Muhammadabad Gohana, Khurht, Khairābād, Krhan, Pipreedih, Bahadurganj, mubarakpur etc. so millions go looms day and night.

Country made saris Mau is distinguished abroad. Saris is made attractive and see artistic embroidery. Sadihya to combat banarasi Sadihya ahead of its charm is accessible to the public. Additional traditional costumes of various states like Assam, Bengal Maharashtra saris are also manufactured here. It is noteworthy that came here in 1957, Prime Minister Pandit 0 Jawaharlal Nehru was deeply admired art and textiles here, said India’s Manchester. Much weavers of this region towards realizing the dream of Nehru and his dedication and hard work. Here the majority of the population is engaged in weaving. It is also the only source of livelihood of the people has been working for generations. The art here unemployment is also relatively low, and people are happy.

Maunath breach of Rgunathpura, Munshipura, Kiribag, Kiyari Tola, Bhikharipur, Bulakipura, Ptantola, Pyarepura, Mirjahadipura, Domnpura, Islampura, Jmalpura, Madanpura, Maliktahir complete, Casimpura, Hsnmkhasani, Httimdari, Muglpura, South Tola, Alauddinpura, Imamganj, Hrikeshpura etc. locality means the center of weaving.