Application for Disability Grant (Disability Pension)

Eligibility and Conditions: –
Such candidates who have completed their age of 18 years and have a disability of at least 40 percent.
Is a resident of Uttar Pradesh and is actually residing in Uttar Pradesh.
Those receiving pension/ subsidy/assistance under old age pension, widow pension, socialist pension or such other scheme and those who receive free nutrition in state institutions/houses will not be eligible.

The decision of the District Magistrate regarding the eligibility of beneficiaries will be final.

Under the definition of the poverty line (currently Rs.46080 / – in rural areas and Rs 56460 / – per family per year in urban areas) is eligible for the grant of subsidy. (To get the grant, the certificate issued by a first class magistrate of the district will be valid.)

Grant rate
The rate of a grant under this scheme will be Rs. 500 / – per beneficiary per month, which will be valid from time to time, the revised rate will be valid.

Grant Processing and Restrictions
The process of grant and restrictions will be as follows: –

The payment of the amount of grant to the new applicants will be payable on the basis of the budget, according to the first ink-first faculty and the beneficiary will not be liable to the arrears of the previous arrears.

Granting will be discontinued after the corresponding installment of the grantee’s death or in the category of ineligibility.

If a person obtains a grant for false information, misrepresentation, death of the beneficiary or other reason, the recovery of the money received by the concerned person, like ‘dues of land revenue’, ‘Public Money (Recovery of Dues) Act, 1965’ Section 3 shall be made under subsection (A) (11).

For effective implementation of this manual, necessary instructions will be issued from time to time by the Director Disabled Empowerment.
Under the scheme, the decision of the Principal Secretary, Disabled Empowerment Department, UP Government on any controversial topic will be final and everyone will be recognized.
Application letter
Application form can be filled by the public facility center / Lokwani / internet on the and updates status of e-application can also be obtained.
process payment
E-Payments will be done in their bank account.


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