Freedom Struggle in Mau

There was constantly fighting to liberate the precariousness of the Mau district. Although the land Mau district after the rise of independence was during 1988, but on freedom of light is always lit and people participated overturning in the freedom struggle. The story of the sacrifice of Krantiviron’s been thrilled also to cross the state and country borders for foreigners. Similar Madhuban panic British for independence in Lapel was rampant in Parliament. Mother Bharati is enriched by those who dedicated his head on the altar of freedom for the liberation from the clutches of foreign invaders, it lapel.

Having known specific period bays history known as the First War of Independence fire of freedom struggle from 1857 1947 on burning forever and give Veer has sacrificed its independence from time to time. The region due to the revolutionary background has always attracted national leadership. Mahatma Gandhi and national Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and mass leader Subhash Chandra Bose came here during the freedom movement and the direction to the people.

Independence of the First War of the field in the revolution of 1857 took part in overturning it. In 1857 the region whose two sons had been sentenced to death and hanged on public neem trees are native to the newly created Madhuban village Dubari Tehsil Hrk Singh and mirth Singh. Great fighter for freedom in the village of Chandel Kshatriyas Babu Kunwar Singh was introduced. Locals with their overwhelming response has had the result suffer them. Landlords seven miles of Chandel landlords spoil was given to the British woman whose husband was killed in this movement. On charges of aiding with Kunwar Singh’s village was arrested Hrk Singh, mirth Singh and AB Singh and was ordered to pay them publicly hanged. Bihari Singh has been dodging them escaped but the other two men to death by hanging on a neem tree in the garden village Dubari.

Reaction in the entire area of ​​the incident. People dohrighat, Prdha, Amila, Surajpur etc. villages stopped providing material spent. This was during an attempt to organize format freedom struggle district Prdha block Laird bloodthirsty lion. He Prithvipal Singh, Raja Beni Prasad, Isd Ÿ received, where Muhammad, Pargat No. etc. crawl freedom of imagination Jagayi with. After the death case, the Dubari 01 April at Sarayu coast dohrighat 1857 made revolution plan on Gauri Shankar pier where British on Rnbakuron was fired from the group, that included bloodthirsty lion and they lived there managed to escape. Since June 03, 1857 bloodthirsty lion with his colleague fighters seized Azamgarh Klektrri court are set free from the British. Independent Azamgarh to 22 days. Jun 26 living in dohrighat came out of Benibuls boss Neil warehouse occupied the English army and again this district its diplomacy and began a series of brutal repression. To slather revolutionaries publicly shot, public death and the brutal torture was common, in spite of not less indomitable spirit of mad independence nor did the bleak struggle of light.

Militancy in Fans freedom has led to the Krantiveer Kunwar Singh not only come here but also took part enthusiastically in the battle with them. Kunwar Singh Ballia he came here and entered Dubari village of Mau district. However, he made an outline of future conflict and stood frozen by the British at various locations in April 1858. The battle near Shahgarh he defeated the British. After the British launched a series of completely dominated exploitation and oppression on the part of its increased power and diplomacy but their repression and continued struggle Swdhinta fighters despite torture.

As freedom fighters on the national panel led to a redesign of the independence movement since the rise of Mahatma Gandhi. That people of the region participated overturning it. February 2, 1929 in Azamgarh Mo 0 Sulaiman Nadvi was formed Congress Committee Chairmanship which was significant participation of the people of Mau. It also participated effectively the peoples of the region East in 1921 in the non-cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi. Algu opinions were scribes and Baldev arrested Mahendra Mishra, Ramjtn Singh, hundreds of people, including travelers Singh led Cabe. So graduating Kashi Vidyapeeth in 1923, the same soil yield Algu opinion Shastri further led movements to go national. In this area independence movement held a major conference on November 26 to organize as 1929 Azamgarh, Which Pt 0 Motilal Nehru addressed. In 9 years after October 3, 1939 were brought Mahatma Gandhi dohrighat. Her ex-Pt 1936 0 Jawaharlal Nehru had organized a huge rally in Mau. October in the region leader in 1940. Subhash Chandra Bose’s arrival infused a new enthusiasm in the district of revolutionaries and they were joined by great fervor in the war of independence of Madre homeland.

April 6, 1930 the Mahatma Gandhi broke the British black law making salt in Dandi at the same time the state has led Pt 0 Algu opinion Shastri did it. Was not far behind her in blow ass of this black law. Umrao Singh, Shiv Charan Rai, Satyram Singh, Haridwar Singh, Kalpanath Shukla, Ramchandra Pandey, Krishna Madhav Lal, Ibrahim Khan, Vishwanath Prasad Ramplt opinion, Sitaram Arya, Ram Dbr Singh, Mangala Rai, party embellishment Pandey, Shorty Ram, Gaya Prasad, Drs Raj Rai, Ram Rai, Bhagirathi opinion etc. awareness against crawl the salt law.

1942 August Revolution and Madhubana

Area residents paid in 1942. History of 15th August, 1942 proved to be a milestone in the battle of the famous Canto freedom. Madhuban is presented in connection with the case, on a historical document. It Madhuban was the station’s diary, written by the then SHO. Written by anti-independence a SHO This diary sheds light on various aspects of the well-known Madhuban Canto, which follows below:

“14 August 1942 Musmmi Goraknath Shukla, Broha Congress Unaccompanied image God resident Cahanpur and Jinku Mauja Diamond Bar was going on Sanskrit school lost 21 DIR arrested the same day after the arrest was made president departs. The arrest of the result was that Ram Narayan sonar Ibex Gajiapur, Ramsunder Pandey same time Ibex Gajiapur and clerk of Congress workers had a large number Askhas and Pblikan gathered considerable momentum with these people. Moved the attack on the police station that Goraknath be redeemed Shukla and be attacked police. At a Fair on August 13, 1942 Prmi Dmmr Baba station Umanv District Ballia. The built program goons and irresponsible Askhas. Was Belthra Road station robbed on August 14, 1942, this program seems to say was burned Belthra Road station on August 14, 1942, robbery and has warehouse and sugar-Chota drove booty and sentence.Where extended the courage of people. ”

Pblikan was that that report was collected in Mauja Dubari the Casier number on August 14, 1942, gathering me and gave me all the inspectors and Vimdad Integrity 0 fetched Singh landlord will not attack anyone at Thana Dubari Wise Ali Go to Tmami possible arrangements to station was and Afsran niche given by the news. By Jackie Rampur reached Mulajman Jackie station Haja his verbal transpired that draws a huge crowd sing-ticking Congress Flag for Jackie Rampur and post office Rampur Fuँkte while and swindling him blow. Where since success Ghosi railway station Tehsil, Post office and police station rob-Fँukte Muhammadabad to Tehsil capture rob the district Azamgarh. The watchman and Mulajman could be Muhiya such Klil time. Has arranged safe the station. Had the happy luck when all arrangements arrangements under Listening to Mr. Mister R 0 H 0 Niblett Honor was attended brave Mjiste ª T District Azamgarh and Mr. Supritendent Thakur Sudeshwari Singh Inspector light current deputy Supritendent Honor brave police and two Nfr constable came to the police station Haja and Wakiat Msruk while. Accumulation gathering Musllh about a thousand people from around two o’clock came and Musmian Tue Dev Pandey Shastri Broha and Rambriksh Cabe lotus ocean gathering Numaindegan for Flag Congress hoist me come stations Haja to sub-inspector and office paper cited to refuse to conduct offered returned after a brief chat. Then post office law against gathering Madhuban and cattle food And dispensaries are being attacked physician conned-toot and Hmlavion who were not in the number of less than six thousand, the lance, ax, shovel, sand, saws, Musllh hammer and Delon. The sudden attack on a police station and persuade also did not refrain from their failure and Mr collector had to brave orders to open fire and began firing and rebellion war nearly two hour which came off in many zombies station Haja and many man Hwalation the Mjrur and perish. Around 9 pm was not clear from the police threat became clear station Hmlaiyon and assailants cut Ghosi road during that Collector sir can not be outside the district here. This appearance lasted three days, Even that did not reach enough aid. When on 17 August 1942 that Mr collector Sir Mahdur civil Jere monitor not his hair swell from Afsran Ghosi attacked a seat were taking a group of rebels at night which was not less than a thousand fruits Mohan but understanding their wisdom and understanding could be. Bomber threat had not military aid until that time, to get out of Mulajman. Sue was Tftis be set so Yadast Hsb gels rebel Askhas sentenced to Hsb gels Askhas. Filed August 14, AD 42. (Then enter the name of the 98 people involved in the incident.)

Station of the complaint is one-sided. The crowd was unarmed and he was able to resist the tyranny of Sho and there wanted to hoist the tricolor flag. But fanatics officials showering bullets on unarmed people. This was namely martyr crazy 13 Independence Madhuban types are: Ram Star Pandey, Munni Kumar, Vibhuti Singh, Ramapati Ti, Hanif tailor, Sumer Gderi, Kumar Maॅji, Lchcnpti Koiri, Lal, brothers Nonia, rajdev Kandu, Shivdn Harijan, the Raghunath.

Echoes of Madhuban scandal was heard all over the country. Around the entire area has joined the campaign of the British. There was a strong reaction in the District. The Dukkiram and Kalika Prasad 15 August 1942 on the movement and demonstrations against the British, the district headquarters were killed by police bullets.

Pipreedih train Kand :-

Before the freedom fighters had exacerbated the problem of funding for a drive. Somehow the car was running. The movement near the Jai Bahadur Singh Pipreedih station district to accelerate in 1938 made secret plans to lease ª not stop Rob and his partner Krishna Deva Raya, surety Ali, Udaynarayan Dubey, Chandra Shukla, Bikeshhwar Dutt, Jagannath Mishra, Tej Pratap Singh with the job done.

Khurht station blew Gya:-

Excited Madhuban Canto revolutionaries had attacked Khurht station led by Ram Sharan Sharma. There surrendered employees revolutionaries then revolutionaries had set fire to pull them out there. The order in Mau tried to break the bridge connecting Mohammadabad added but revolutionary due to Mau from police around has been forwarded Shivraj opinion and Fulchand jail Upadhyay in this connection.

Kalyanpur andolanah

Were uprooted wire tracks and telephone railway line led by Satyram Singh in front of the middle of the Ghosi and Kopaganj August 15 1942 Kalyanpur, even in the event of recurrence January 1943 month led team had embellishment Pandey .

Amila Kand:-

District Town area Amila has not been untouched by the revolutionary activities. Algu opinion Shastri home British had Fuँkwa which had tremendous response across the region. Were resident Jarknde opinion of the village who became leader of the later Indian Kmyunist party.

In August 15, 1942 Amila Radhe Roy, Ramchandra Rai, hundreds directed by Baldev Rai, Pteshwari opinion revolutionaries turned to ashes by burning Amila Town area. In this connection Pteshwari opinion was an imprisonment of two years’ imprisonment and 15 Bnet’s and Ramshankar opinion 6 months.

Revolutionary Ayojna- in dohrighat

Burn After Dnauli Rampur in the nearby villages of central dohrighat town Ganeta, Budhavr, Thakurgaon, Patle, Ptni, Puruli etc. patriot mob of activists dohrighat post office on August 16, 1942, the rest-house, railway station, breaking government buildings popping How, given rails out of the train. Gonta South Swell was broken bridge on the road, cut the road near Ciuteedandh been blocked.

Krantivir of Mohammadabad Gohana

Railway line uprooting between Muhammadabad-Khurht August 17, 1942, and work to dissolve Telecom was widespread. People of the entire region there was access, which had Ramdhari opinion leadership Kadipur. Mr. Roy was sentenced to two and a half years. Then Collector mi 0 Steward had beaten them with sticks in prison. Every blackjack Mr. Roy Bndematrm and India spoke Jay’s mother. After being released from prison, he retired as assistant editor of the left in journalism and Nav Bharat Times. After independence, he said it rejected the land provided by the Government that will not buy the service of the mother.

Piparidiha-indara andolanah on stesana

On August 21, 1942 Ram Lakhan Singh, Shyam Nrayn Singh, a batch of activists led by period Nrayn Singh stalled overthrow rail system railway line between Mau-Pipreedih stations and posts and communication. Earlier on August 17 has been blown to Indara station. The shot was fired by White police at the scene were gone three revolutionary killed and several injured.

Dohrighat Harijan Gurukul destruction

Azamgarh then DM mi 0 Hurdy and led the English army led by Captain mi 0 Being made holdup in Harijan Gurukul of dohrighat and reported all torched the building. Worker Gurukul was sent to jail and arrested Devpti Singh, Kshmanand, Sukhraj, Swami Satyananda.

Centedra revolution

District 5 Headquarters 0 m 0 northwest Tamsa River Beratpur located in remote and rugged area and the village just across the river across nearly two 0 m 0 away Fajullahpur g In the 1942 revolution were secret bases activists Where create revolutionary products.

Brought sacrifices color immortal martyrs and finally came the morning of August 15, 1947. While for the light of freedom. India became independent. Amar Blidanion who in Madhuban for the freedom his martyrdom, his memory has made a grand martyr column which will give continuous inspiration to keep us intact its independence. This is the martyr point seems annual fair. Rightly said below:

Mau Independent slogan