Van Devi Mandir, Kohinaour, Mau

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Situated 12 km in the southwest direction from the district headquarters, in the captivating beauty of nature is Jagat Janani Sita Mata’s temple, Vandevi. Today, this temple is the center of attraction for followers. Along with its natural beauty, Vandevi temple also stands for its historical and cultural importance. On the basis of public opinion and geographical evidence, this place is famous for being the place for meditative contemplation of maharishi Valmiki. Accommodation of the rishi must have been nearby. It is said that mother Sita, following her unshakable marital duties towards her husband, gave birth to her two sons, Love and Kush at this place. This place is related to the literary great, Valmiki, as well as, a symbol of the entire Bharat, Lord Ram and mother Sita.

According to public opinion, Sighnua Baba, a resident of Narvar, saw that the image of the goddess was buried under the ground at this place in his dream. Goddess then directed the baba to dig up the place and start the ceremony for worship. In accordance with his dream, Singhua baba started digging in the indicated place and therein he found the sculpture of the Goddess. However, while digging, he damaged the sculpture. Baba dedicated his whole life to worshipping goddess Sita in the same place. During his end, he tried to take the sculpture home but he was unsuccessful and died at the place of worship. Later, a temple was constructed there. Since then, it has been a meeting place for many renowned rishis and yogis. Of the many learned people residing in this area, Lehri baba is especially famous. Here, worshippers find cures for their mental and physical illnesses.

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How to Reach:

By Air

reach Varnarsi or Gorakhpur by air and then by road.

By Train

well connected from Varanarsi, Gorakhpur, Chapra, Lucknow, New Delhi, Mumbai etc.

By Road

connected to Varanarsi, Gorakhpur, Azamgarh. It is around 12 KMs from Mau City.